Kelowna Ogopogo Radio Club Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  1. General Meeting - Wednesday September 14 2016 at the Seniors Hall 1353 Richter at 7:00 pm.The General Meeting was moved from Sept 7th to Sept 14th due to the number of Executive Members and Members attending the Shuswap Float Fly at Sandy Point which is held Sept 6th to Sept 11th, 2016 SWAP MEET right after the meeting ... bring your items for sale.

MAAC dues may be purchased through the club or online at MAAC by clicking on the MAAC logo top left.


  • Current flying times are from 8:00am until dark, except electrics night flying may continue until 11:00pm
  • No aircraft with a db greater than 92 are allowed at any time

Swap Meet Items Pre-Listed

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Helicopter and other rotary winged aircraft training

Please note there will be no rotary wing training on Tuesday or Thursday nights until further notice.